Dementia Care

Memory Care Desert Hot Springs | Alzheimer’s And Dementia Board & Care

Finding the right memory care facility in Desert Hot Springs, California for is the key to peace of mind a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Alzheimer’s and dementia are two of the common memory-loss conditions included under the umbrella of memory care. Memory Care spans a spectrum of services depending upon the severity of symptoms exhibited by an individual—from cueing and prompting; to requiring a secured setting to prevent elopement.

Memory care goes beyond what is offered in a traditional assisted living setting. Memory care is a100% hands on experience.

Dulce Villa is a memory care facility. We fall under the umbrella of Board and Care. We are a 6 bed facility. It has been found that smaller and intimate settings, are better for those with middle to late stage memory impairement:

  • housekeeping,
  • laundry services,
  • incontinence and toileting care,
  • medication management,
  • meal preparation services and feeding,
  • socialization and mind engaging activities

With memory care provided the level of assistance with activities of daily living is much higher. Often the daily activities are designed specially to allow the individual to reconnect with favorite hobbies or interests.

For more information on the care options we offer, CALL (909) 636-7848 for help.